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About MEMap Pro

To download the App go to the Google play store. meMap Pro is modelled on long observation about people making real change in their lives - and the advantages of continuous access to a plan and tools designed to feel attractive (App-shaped) in the device (a mobile phone) that many feel very happy to engage with. The ingredients of a day that 'works' for any individual are often fairly well established: it is the process of those ingredients actually making it into their days which is the real sticking point - and this is what meMap aims to unstick. It was always envisaged that the gold standard for the wider meMap project would involve users accessing a combined package of input from a practitioner, plus App use guided by that practitioner. The practitioner offers their experience, works with the client to establish what they want to achieve, and the adds the vital ingredients of empathy and charisma. The App offers the continuity and focus - and opportunity for the client-practitioner relationship to be a longer-term, or more cost-effective, remote one. For wider context about meMap, the main home page of meMap/MEMap may be instructive.

Contact us at memap17@gmail .com