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Client setup

Populating your App

Before setting up your App it is best to get a strong feel for the tech and the basic concepts of meMap. 2 quick steps really aid this process. Before populating it, play around and get comfortable with your App - press the NEW to create a Bubble, and NEW FRAME to create a Frame, try to edit and delete them. Then read the Guide tab on the home or Best Stuff Map screen of the App.

Your practitioner will almost certainly advise you about how to populate your App. This might happen in 3 ways. The practitioner may send items to your App by giving you a pin to download them. Secondly, he or she may also suggest that you have a go at answering the config questions here or some different config questions at a url they will give you. Finally, your practitioner may simply guide you towards building one or two maps about what you want and issues you face directly into your meMap App.

When your practitioner populates your App by sending items to download

To get these items into your App you will need to understand how to download, send and communicate using the meMap App. Read the Communicate page for instructions. When setting up your App, your practitioner may send you items for your Reframe Map or your Best Stuff Map. For your Reframe Map, two kinds of items might be sent: both will have their own pin, and should be downloaded separately when you are on the Reframe Map screen of the App. Your practitioner will call the first kind 'Subject Areas' or something similar. You will be prompted to choose and name a location when downloading these: choose 'Subject Areas' or whatever name your practitioner suggests. Once these kinds of items are successfully downloaded, you don't need to do anything else with them.

The second kind of items your practitioner may send for your Reframe Map are Frames and Reframes (in the App, the Guide - and the example Frames and 'Framing strategies' in the Reframe Map - explain what meMap intends by 'frames' and 'reframes'). Download these when you are on the Reframe Map screen of the App. When prompted to choose and name a location for them, follow guidance from your practitioner - or simply invent a descriptive name. Once these items are successfully downloaded, you will usually have guidance from your practitioner about what to do with them. It will often be intended that you use them as 'Your own' Frames. In this case, in the App Reframe Map, select the top right menu option 'Replace Frames with Buddy/Sender', and follow the prompts to choose the items you named previously. DO NOTE: this will overwrite any Frames currently in 'Your own Frames' - including the instructional and example ones. Your practitioner will usually include the instructional and example Frames in what they send (which you can then delete when you are ready). If this does not happen there is a second option which will copy what the practitioner has sent to 'Your own' Frames AND preserve the informational/example items. To achieve this, select the 'Show Buddy/Sender Frames' menu option and keep pressing the button until you see the title of the items you downloaded in red. Then long press each Frame in turn, and use the 'Build copy list' option to build a list of all of the items. Then simply select 'Show your own Frames' from the menu and confirm that you do want to add your copy list to your Frames. Once you have completed the process of getting the items sent into 'Your own' Frames, you may want to keep the items your practitioner sent at the original 'Sender' location you downloaded them to as an ongoing reference point. Of you may want to simplify your App by deleting them - do this by navigating to them, long pressing any one, and taking the option to delete them all.

If the practitioner sends you the initial Best Stuff Map you are going to use, download these Bubbles by choosing the 'Download Bubbles' menu option in the home screen of your App. Before doing this you may wish to choose 'Show Bubbles Inbox' to ensure that your inbox is empty. Once download is complete, use the 'Replace Bubbles with Example/Inbox' menu option to move the Bubbles sent from inbox to 'Your own Bubbles'.

If you answer the config questions

These questions are designed to give you a racing start for building a Best Stuff Map. It is recommended that you complete all of them to get a good illustration of how this kind of map might work for you. You can, though, opt out of anything that does not feel right - and it is expected that once you get working with meMap you will delete things you feel aren't quite the right fit for you. So long as you click Save before leaving the page, you can break and come back to the config questions at any point. Information is saved locally on your computer until you are done. So you must use the same computer and browser from start to end of the Configuration process - but you can close the browser and shut down the computer without losing saved data. Be sure not to go into your computer's Settings and change the browser settings (eg privacy settings, clearing cached data), or use a 'private window', between starting and completing the config process. And do complete the browser test directly below to ensure your browser is 'config ready'.

Once you are happy with the answers you have entered during configuration, enter your App code in the box provided and click Configure. This will generate a pin - please note this and keep it safely. Note:- to find your App code, choose the Configure App option from the top right menu on the home screen of the meMap App. To feed your configuration results into the App, choose the same Configure App menu option, add your pin where prompted and press OK. This configuration will over-write any Bubbles already in your Best Stuff Map, but will not affect Buddy or example Bubbles, or the Frames in your Reframe Map.

Ensure your browser is set up to save your configuration answers

Please do not open your browser in a private window when completing this config. Click Browser Test to check if your browser has the appropriate settings to configure meMap (do not proceed without a positive response):

Second check: type a word into this box and click 'Save Test'. Then totally close your browser and navigate back to this page. If your word is visible your browser is set for configuration!

If your browser is in good shape click Begin Config to begin config. Or choose Configure meMap Pro from the menu above.