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Config Intro

This page explains the web-based config options available with MEMap. Taking the full Config Journey takes some time. This may suit you: you may be using MEMap as part of a deep and concerted effort to get to grips with ME. In that case investing some thinking time to reflect on the things you opt in to, and coming back to this journey a number of times before finally clicking Configure, might be ideal. Alternatively, it is also perfectly possible to skip much faster through the Config Journey, adding rough ideas that you can build upon later within the MEMap App.

The section 'Alternatives to standard config' offers various short cuts to configure MEMap in a more energy efficient way - and tells you how to add additional config categories to your App when you have already started using MEMap or have configured it previously. The MEMap Flavours option flies totally in the face of our preference not to put words in your mouth (see sidebar). For those who find the Config Journey too much work, or who prefer to work from a more explicit model for managing ME recovery, MEMap Flavours is a fledging attempt to characterise different types of approaches to recovery that clearly suited some recoverers. Be warned though, they are designed for the mindsets it says on the tin, and each flavour will suit only a minority of PWME...

When you have configured MEMap and your App is functioning successfully, you may wish to remove any trace of the info you assembled during the Config Journey from your computer. Click the button Clear All at the bottom of this page to achieve this. If the same device is going to be used by someone else to configure MEMap, or you want to start again from scratch, click Clear All before beginning.

In part 1 of the Config Journey you will notice that 'we' (not 'you') is normally used when describing the issues experienced when living with ME. That's because MEMap is patient-led: the words certainly apply to us - we hope they mostly work for you. Often the Config Journey states the obvious: it seems clear that we and many recoverers struggle to avoid things that we know set us back and to adopt things we know work pretty well. Don't be afraid to build maps that are merely 'high quality reminders' rather than 'incisive perceptions'.

Configuration explained

Configuration of MEMap on this website involves taking a 2 part journey. Rather than the fiddly process of inputting information on your mobile device, you put this information and choices you make into a computer or device of your choice. It is saved locally on your computer until you are done. Clicking 'Configure' on the Config completion page then generates a pin. The main (top right) menu in the MEMap App offers a 'Configure App' option where you can use this pin to configure the App.

Since information is saved locally on your computer you must use the same computer and browser from start to end of the Config Journey. Also it is essential to successfully complete the 2 stage browser test below to ensure the browser you are using effectively saves the data you input. Finally, between starting the Config Journey and clicking Configure, it is crucial that you do not go into your computer's Settings and change the browser settings (eg privacy settings, clearing cached data), or use a 'private window'.

Part one of the Config Journey involves the 6 menu options at the top of this screen, from, left to right, 'Practical' to 'Manage the day'. Each of these 6 sections has a number of categories of exactly the same format. There is a subject area, the chance to opt in, an illustrative 'Buddy' example, a relevant quote from an ME recoverer, and the opportunity to put your own 'Frame' around this subject area or issue - and begin to 'Reframe' it in your favour (more on these nuts and bolts of MEMap below). If you keep clicking 'Save and Go Next' you will go through each of the 6 sections in turn. If you click the 6 menu options you can navigate the 6 sections in any order, missing any you don't fancy.

Part two of the config journey takes place on the Config completion page. It involves 9 simpler questions. These questions are designed to give you a racing start for building a Wellness Map. It is recommended that you complete all of them to get a good illustration of how this map can work for you - but you can opt out of anything that does not feel right. So long as you click Save before leaving every page, you can break and come back to the Config Journey at any point. Turning off your computer or closing your browser will not affect your data.

MEMap is designed to configure remotely. If there is someone you trust with your personal info who has a bit of energy and is a bit IT literate, allowing them to assimilate the config process and manage things for you is an option - wherever in the world they are. You may wish to read through the categories and tell them your thoughts, or simply have them talk you through it. This might be the foundation for them to support your path to recovery on an ongoing basis via MEMap.

About Frames and Reframes

Part one of the Config Journey asks you to create Frames and Reframes for future use. A 'Frame' is simply a way to define an issue, or a chunk or symptom of your illness. Putting a frame around something defines it, and gives it a separate identity of its own. There is no magic formula to do this. Although MEMap offers what might seem relevant categories, the best Frames are the ones that meaningfully describe a key part of what stands in the way of your health. Only your words, and often your own categories, will achieve this.

For simplicity MEMap takes a very liberal interpretation of the term reframe. By 'Reframe' we mean: find the strategy, solution or aspiration that best takes the issue or symptom the Frame describes forward - or demonstrates the outcome you would like. Sometimes a Reframe may be a plan or a reminder that you feel does not need a corresponding Frame. That's fine. But often a good solution or strategy can lose its meaning or potency without a reminder of how you feel whenever it is not utilised. Some of the categories in the Config Journey will seem to cover very obvious stuff. But the evidence is that PWME often KNOW what care they need to offer themselves but struggle to DO it in practice. For these categories, creating a Reframe as a reminder of good care planned, allows the corresponding Frame to be used later as a space to examine the factors that stop the plan coming to fruition. For more on Framing and Reframing, the App's Reframe Map offers the chance to view 'Framing strategies'.

Parts of the journey may arouse upsetting or angry responses. It may be best to pass over these sections. Alternatively, something that is upsetting may be very fertile ground containing an issue which needs addressing. In this case quickly ticking 'Opt me in' and moving on may offer a useful chance to come back to the issue at a better time. And generally, when you opt in during part one of the Config Journey, it is not necessary to write a Frame or Reframe. The empty Frame will exist in your App after configuration, with prompts about the subject area - and the same category heading as displayed in the Config Journey, so you can refer back to this website where needed.

Please do not open your browser in a private window when taking this Config Journey. Click Browser Test to check if your browser has the appropriate settings to configure MEMap (do not proceed without a positive response):

Second check: type a word into this box and click 'Save Test'. Then totally close your browser and navigate back to this page. If your word is visible your browser is set for configuration!

If your browser is in good shape click Begin Config to begin the Config Journey. Or choose to start with any of the sections in the menu above.

Alternatives to standard config

The full Config Journey for MEMap may be too much work for some. Also people already using MEMap may wish to add additional Frames to their Reframe Maps. This section describes some options for these scenarios. 'Bespoke or lower effort config options' lists different ways to remove the workload from configuration. 'ME Buddy only config' is both an easier way to start, and a way to configure your App if you have already started using it and don't want to overwrite your data. 'Send additional "Sender" Frames to yourself or others' is an option for more experienced users. It is a way to select further Frames to add to an existing Reframe Map.

Bespoke or lower effort config options

ME Buddy only config

This allows you to keep any data you have entered into MEMap (ie 'Your Bubbles' and 'Your Frames') but quickly add areas that interest you in part one of the Config Journey as ME Buddy Frames. This will also have some impact on your ME Buddy Bubbles. In MEMap you can, when desired, copy Buddy items over into your own Bubbles or Frames and edit them, or be prompted on their subject area. To achieve this, opt in to any of the categories you like in part one of the Config Journey but do not type anything. Just tick the boxes and Save before leaving each page. When you reach the Config Completion page, simply tick the box marked 'Buddy Only' and click 'Configure'. Then when you choose the menu option 'Configure App' in the MEMap App: after you have selected 'Web Journey Pin', tick 'Only configure ME Buddy'.

Send additional 'Sender' Frames to yourself or others

Where MEMap has already been configured or is in use, it may be useful to select new categories from part one of the Config Journey so new Frames can be added to the App without overwriting existing data. To achieve this, simply ensure the categories you want to add have their boxes ticked and those you don't want to add are unticked. Then Save. Add any thoughts for the categories ticked, and save them. Finally return to this page, fill in your details below, click 'Send Frames' and note the pin. In your App choose the menu option 'Download Frames' from the Reframe Map screen, enter the pin with your username and password, and select and name location for these 'Sender' Frames when prompted. They can then be copied across to your own Frames by first navigating to that set of Sender Frames.

Before developing Frames to send from this device, it may suit you to clear Frame entries typed from any previous configuration or other use. Click 'Clear All!' to do this.

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