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meMap Pro is a mobile App for people working with a practitioner or someone providing them with some kind of support. Use of meMap Pro will normally be guided by the practitioner or 'supporter' - often utilising the basic approach of one of the sister meMap/MEMap Apps. The meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff' home page probably gives a useful example of one of these approaches.

For practitioners

The meMap format revolves around 2 maps. The first attempts to bring to life where your client wants to be, and what does, did, or could, work for them or allow them to flourish. A second map is designed to examine any issues or difficult terrain which stands in the way of the client getting to that place they wish to be. As such, meMap offers a very focussed way for you to elicit the key elements of your client's 'story', allow them to engage at any convenient moment with concepts you feel will help, reflect and summarise what you feel the client has conveyed, develop a shared document of the key parts of your work together, and maintain meaningful remote contact when person to person sessions are not possible (or affordable.) Distilling this key info into the mobile device that is its owner's most constant companion is also an ideal way for them to maintain continuous dialogue with any coaching, CBT or CAT style initiative.

meMap offers tools to encourage the user to develop strategies for their issues and create a direction of travel from their difficult stuff to their 'best' stuff. As the practitioner you may wish to encourage your client to utilise these tools - or simply use meMap as a means to record, clarify, communicate, and bring into engaging multimedia colour, the things clients want and the issues they hope to resolve.

The 'For practitioners' pages of this website explain how to populate clients' Apps with thinking, subject areas and concepts you feel will be useful. Possibilities for working with couples, facilitating remote peer to peer support, or offering workshop takeaways are also highlighted.

For clients

meMap Pro is designed to be offered to you by practitioners who will normally consult you about the role it might play in your work together. It could also be that YOU take the intiative to tell your practitioner that it could be useful - and it is certainly intended as a way to save money by conveying key information about yourself to your practitioner as quickly as possible. If you do not have a practitioner, one of the other meMap/MEMap Apps will normally be a better option for you. Read more about them here.

Go to the Client setup page on this website for guidance on getting started with the App.

For both practitioners and clients, to download the App, the link for your Android device is: Google play store

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