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meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff' is a mobile App for people who want to build a direction of travel in their life from days that involve too much stress or load - or are simply too average - to days more 'centred' on what they value, who they want to be and the fabulous peak perceptions about life they almost certainly have.

At MeMap we have observed many people attempt a rather personal journey towards a life that more effectively nourishes them and fits who they are. That can be a long, demanding, often disappointing process. meMap 'Stress-Best' is a tool designed to make that process more direct, easier and genuinely rewarding. Rather than put the round peg that is you into the square hole of some protocol or school of thought designed to enhance or de-stress your life, meMap taps in to who you are, where you are and where you want to be. It helps you bottle 3 key ingredients for change:- your own 'best' perspective on your life, real clarity about your key issues or stressors, and the kind of focus that allows your creative imagination to both run free AND expertly navigate the path towards what you want. Offered a week's holiday somewhere quiet and inspiring, you would probably get opportunity to see your life very clearly. meMap aims to capture those 'best perspectives' in your device so they are permanently available to you. It provides a format and a space to express your issues and aspirations - offering you a continuing invite to resolve, clarify and focus on what makes you tick (or stops you ticking along happily). And meMap uses the wonders of your creative brain (including its innate neuroplasticity) to build your best stuff into the day at the expense of anything else. So a load-lightening, life-enhancing direction of travel from less rewarding or stressful stuff towards easier and genuinely rewarding living can be a central part of every day.

Or put another way: "we are convinced that if your take a little time to clarify the kind of person you would like to be and the kind of days you would like to live, and take a little time to spell out what happens to get in the way of days actually being like that, our App can take you a lot of the way from wherever you are to where you want to be"

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To get meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff' the link for your Android device is: Google play store

MEMap is grateful for the generous support of:

Relaxation audio was written and produced, and very kindly donated to the project, by Linda Hall. She does great work. Click the logo for a link to Linda's Support Programme for chronic illnesses.

From stress, too much load or simply an abundance of autopilot average living, various ways are offered to keep making the transition towards your own 'big picture' version of what a fulfilling day infused with easier wellbeing should look like. IE:-

Tackle stress, overload and any difficult issues

These could include:-

Lifestyle stress.

Worries of any kind.

Any load you carry or difficult issues you face. The deep stuff that may need professional support. The smaller stuff just waiting to be offloaded or resolved.

Whatever depletes your energy and resources (include the demands or perceived expectations of others).

A format is offered to identify, express, get to know, and unpick anything of this kind which you feel gets in the way of living more consistently in the low load, low stress, easy-on-self, more relaxed space where the life you want is free to flourish. Bring to life the life wisdom you do have (and probably underuse), clarify what else you need, develop new strategies. The Reframe Map in the meMap App comes pre-populated with subject areas research for meMap suggests are fruitful for stress busting.

Make transitions from difficult or unfulfilled living to all your best stuff

Build good habits to create a direction of travel from things that stress, over-load or simply stand in your way, towards absolutely anything that promotes wellbeing or stressless relaxed living and centres your day on how you want it to be. The aim is to include any method or technique that works for and suits you. For example:-

The App includes a relaxation technique to dial stress down towards calmed, mindful healing states.

A visualisation technique uses the creative/emotional ('right') brain to create a journey from any difficult, uncomfortable or merely average place you are, to somewhere better - based on your own previous experience of easy, happy wellbeing. This works because it can rapidly refocus your mindset - and because it is believed that, to a degree, a visualised state of being can have 'the same essential quality of experience in the body' as a genuinely lived state of being.

The App is designed to unleash your forensic, intuitive and creative skills to resolve stress or life issues - and identify and embed the things that DO work for you.

The App helps you take advantage of the plasticity of the brain reported by neuroscientists: facilitate change by allowing your brain pathways to be as familiar as possible with lower load, easy-living, wellbeing-enhancing, 'self-actualised' states of being.

Develop EVERYTHING that builds easy wellbeing and connects you to how life could be

The Best Stuff Map is your own 'greatest hits' of ANY kind of connection, reminder, strategy or insight which may bring greater relaxation, easy health, happiness, focus or inspiration into the day. It could include:-

Inspiring 'aspirational' photos and descriptions that really speak to you about what easy, low maintenance, rewarding living means to you. Develop your best motivational messages. Dare, even, to dream.

Reminders about how - and how good - the blissfully relaxed, 'centred' states you DO find feel.

The creation of a very clear picture of EXACTLY what your fabulously sorted life is going to look like. Establish clear focus.

Your best day saving wisdom - what are the key strategies and life wisdom which work for you when a day is not going so well?