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Main practitioner page

Ways to use meMap Pro

The App is designed to be an engaging format which allows people to focus quickly on their key issues ans what they want - and keep connected to their 'stuff'. There is absolutely no prescribed way to use the format: the intent is to fit into they way you work in whatever way you deem fit. You may wish to use meMap to establish an evolving dialogue with your clients. Or might want to take a one-off opportunity to populate your clients' or workshop participants' Apps with your core clinical thinking or reflections about your work together - so they can keep and develop that knowledge. Some suggestions for possible use:-

meMap might be an ideal way to get a racing start to your work with a client before meeting them (this may be a way to allow them some meaningful engagement with your services while on a waiting list). In this scenario, you may remotely populate the App with key concepts or food for thought, and allow the client to record and develop their responses at any fertile points in their days. A rich picture (in meMap maps) can then be conveyed back to you before person to person sessions begin.

After a first meeting or assessment, you may be able to utilise the above scenario, but more carefully target concepts, food for thought or any reflections.

meMap is ideal for bottling coaching, CBT, CAT style strategies for clients to try out and record their perceptions as they go.

The format was originally intended to achieve great focus by compiling 2 fairly complete maps, describing: the key aspects of what the user wants and aspires to, and the key issues standing in the way of that. At any point in the relationship it may be instructive for client or practitioner, or both (independently or collaboratively), to attempt to form a complete picture of this kind.

Similarly, when person to person contact ends, a summary of the point reached, ongoing issues or strategies the client wants to keep 'live' may be a valuable takeaway. Agreement to use this as a basis for some degree on ongoing remote support may or may not form part of this.

A similar summary can be a useful takeaway from workshops. By agreement with MeMap, the App can be used to broadcast to a group (rather than communicate individual to individual).

meMap is ideal for curating couples who may wish to build a shared vision (using maps) of what they want and the issues they are facing. You can offer them concepts to work with, and receive the maps they are building and add input at appropriate intervals. Remote moderation of remote peer to peer support might work along similar lines.

Finally, where you have the time to build an ongoing remote relationship with a client, meMap is of course designed to continuously develop and exchange, whole maps, individual issues or aspirations, subject areas that merit consideration, or miscellaneous thoughts or support.

Using meMap and sending information to clients

To get to understand the App - and simultaneously learn what your clients are expecting from it - it is recommended to read the Client setup page, and the Communicate page. You will also naturally need to use and get a good feel for the App to establish what your clients could gain from it. Once you have played around with meMap, the seemingly obscure guidance on using it below should seem pretty straightforward.

Multiple options exist to begin a meMap exchange of info with your clients - after that it is envisaged that you will mostly interact with them App to App (and use the in App email functionality as the route to document any interactions). These options are:-

1. Using this website. The 'For practitioners' pages allow you to create a library of concepts or 'subject areas' - from which you can then send any client a set of concepts relevant to them. It is recommended that you also send the client your prompts for their thoughts on each subject area in a set of Frames/Reframes (which automatically get linked into the Subject Area with the same title). In the App, the Guide (and the example Frames and 'Framing strategies' in the Reframe Map) explain the simplified generic usage of 'Framing' and 'Reframing' in meMap. Rather less often, you may want to send a set of Bubbles as prompts for the client to focus on what they want, aspire to, or what works in their life. See 'Sending items from this website' below for more details.

2. For those not wishing to deal with the tech and manage their own library of concepts they hope clients will use, MeMap can offer a cost-effective service to manage this for you. Email [email protected] and let us know what you need.

3. Clients can also configure their own Apps using this website. The meMap Pro Best Stuff Map configuration gives a start point for building a Best Stuff Map and understanding the idea behind it. You may deem this useful for clients - try it! If you would like us to develop a web config journey where your clients can populate their apps by browsing and responding to your own ideas and concepts - get in touch. If your client has ME/CFS, they can populate their Reframe Map by sending themselves Frames from part one of the Config Journey for the MEMap Original App. DO NOTE:- They (or you) should do this from this utility, having opted into, completed and saved as many categories as they wish from the pages which begin here.

4. App to App communication. Smart organisation of your App also allows you to set your clients' Apps directly from your mobile device (with info you developed at your computer and sent to your device, or info you have developed within your device). For example,you might have a set of Sender Frames entitled 'Subject Areas' and another set of Frames/Reframes with Frame titles which match those subject areas. It will then be possible to send a client a selection of those Subject Areas, then send them a matching selection of Frames/Reframes to prompt them for their thoughts in the Subject Areas you have outlined. You can also of course create entirely new, bespoke items for clients within your device.

Sending items from this website

Use the menu options Send Frames, Subject Areas and Send Bubbles above to do this. The Subject Areas page allows you to build a library of App-sized concepts from which you can select an appropriate subset to send to any client. The Send Frames page allows you to attach a twinned Frame-Reframe to each Subject Area you intend to send. This may include prompts for the client, or simply space for the them to 'Frame' any issue they have in that Subject Area, and consider solutions and strategies (the rather loose use of the concept of reframing is explained to users in the App). You may alternatively wish to outline some thinking for the client to work with in a Frame-Reframe pair without any matching Subject Area info. It is envisaged that you will use the Send Bubbles page less often. It is a chance to send a Best Stuff Map (or Bubbles to add to one) to a client if that feels useful.

The range and sophistication of these pages will develop according to demand and any feedback received. If you are creating information that will be reused for multiple clients, it is recommended that you do this in a word processor and keep master copies. Your browser's functionality to store your data is utilised to permanently save your info when you close the browser or turn off the computer - but this relies on you using the same computer and browser, and not clearing browser data in your computer's Settings. The browser test at the bottom of this page checks that your browser is setup to create and send data to clients - almost all browsers are. Text (.txt) files can also be generated from the info you input into your browser for permanent storage of your client and Subject Area data. Do test this functionality to ensure your browser setup and wordprocessing software adapt to it.

You will normally send clients 3 sorts of info from this website (use your username and password, and their username as the 'Recipient username'):-

1. Frames and Reframes. Tell the client these are Frames to be downloaded from the Reframe Map. The client will normally then wish then copy these to their 'own' Frames. Give the client the pin this website generated for you.

2. Subject Areas. Tell the client these are Frames to be downloaded from the Reframe Map. For the App to function best, the client should name these 'Subject Areas' when asked to give a name during the download process. The client should simply leave these in their 'Sender' Frames. Give the client the pin this website generated for you.

3. Bubbles. Tell the client these are Bubbles to be downloaded from the Best Stuff Map. These will be saved to the client's Bubbles inbox. They can then be added to their 'own' Bubbles as required. Give the client the pin this website generated for you.

A fourth option is to send Subject Areas split into two parts: description of the kind of territory where an issue can arise, and description of the kinds of resolutions or strategies which often work. This can be achieved with these steps:- a) for each subject you wish to send, on the Send Frames page complete the field 'Subject Area heading', describe the issue in 'Starter text for user Issue' and describe the kinds of resolutions or strategies in 'Starter text for user Reframe'. b) save each item as usual. c) when you are done, fill in the username, password and recipient details in the 'Send Frames and Reframes to client' section - and click 'Send Frames and Reframes'. d) tell your client to download these as 'Subject Areas' as in option '2' above. Now if you send the client Frames and Reframes (option '1' above) - or if the client creates their own Frame with a heading identical to that of a Subject Area - the Frame side and the Reframe side will each be twinned with the appropriate part of your Subject Area.

Ensure your browser is set up to save and send info

Please do not open your browser in a private window when completing using this website. Click Browser Test to check if your browser has the appropriate settings to send meMap items (do not proceed without a positive response):

Second check: type a word into this box and click 'Save Test'. Then totally close your browser and navigate back to this page. If your word is visible your browser is set to save and send items