Unfortunately we have no resources to offer technical support or advice services for MEMap. We hope it is clear that our ethos is to get a helpful low cost tool to people with ME - and a consequence of this is that there are no staff and no money to help people with it. Apologies for that. However... we ARE keen for people to use MEMap: if you have a question or a problem DO get in touch on the emails below. In addition we do hope to offer a low cost package of input for those who feel a more extended human touch is needed to bring the App to life for them. We think it is possible to find the fit between MEMap and any one individual's needs in pretty quick time. The plan is that this package will be offered by people possessing at least some level of counselling or coaching qualification who have satisfied us that they fully understand the MEMap technology and the ways MEMap's tools can help plan recovery. We will keep the section 'Paid for support services' up to date with what support is available.

Paid for support services

At present we can offer support to get your MEMap App working to match up with your approach to recovery at £18 per hour. This package will normally involve communication by phone and email, and remote intervention in your App. Also if you lack funds, do feel free to ask - we may be able to help you forward. Contact