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Use this page to register for MEMap online services. You need to click on the PayPal button below and pay £4 (uk) with a debit or credit card. You don't need to be a Paypal user. Your payment is completely secure. Please do take great care to enter your full email address accurately. You will then be sent a registration code by email (this may take a few hours). Use the code at the bottom of this page: select a username and password you can easily remember, click Register, and you are done. Your registration will remain valid until October 2019. We will email you at that point regarding renewal. We do not keep your financial details, and do not automatically renew registration.
If you prefer to pay by cheque or credit transfer, please let us know by email.

MEMap is a better tool if you register and take the Config Journey. If the cost of registering is a deal breaker for you, get in touch!

Your security and privacy

Let's start with privacy. As a patient-led initiative we have no interest in seeing or using your data, or offering it to any third parties. We do not use cookies or track you navigation. We will contact you by email only rarely: to notify you about key developments and the end of your registration period.

For security purposes, we have endeavoured to be very proactive. We never have access to your financial details (only PayPal does) and do not require personal info like phone numbers, address or DOB. Your email address is stored on a completely separate system in a separate location from your username and password. Any of your MEMap communications which pass through our server are therefore not associated with your email address (unless of course you choose it as your username - that's up to you.) We use SSL and encryption to keep our server secure to industry standards.

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Terms and conditions
1. No 100% guarantee of service is offered re processing or saving in of your configuration or communications data. MEMap is intended as a low cost peer generated technology.

2. A fair usage policy exists. MEMap is intended for communication about health planning, not as a messaging service. Accounts sending high volumes of messages or sending large datasets may be discontinued at the discretion of MeMap.

3. Sharing of accounts between multiple users, or publicising of account details for other potential users is prohibited. Accounts in contravention of this policy may be discontinued at the discretion of MeMap.

4. Practitioners may use MEMap to communicate with their clients, but may not use MEMap in their publicity materials, or advertise specialist knowledge of, or support for, MEMap, without the consent of MeMap.

5. By registering for MEMap you consent for us to hold your email address, and to contact you about renewal of your subscription and any changes or offerings which we imagine will be a meaningful addition to your user experience. We will not share this information with anyone else. You may inform us at any time about which kinds of emails, if any, you wish to receive from MeMap.

6. By registering I accept the above terms and conditions.