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Additional options with meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff'

Using meMap to communicate and offer or get support

meMap is designed to be a format to share any journey or change you are trying to make with others. The intention is not to try to replace a good supportive chat on the phone or a visit. It is to facilitate more focussed dialogues where people compare notes on what they want, what they experience and and what does or might address anything they face. By sending all or bits of your Best Stuff and Reframe Maps and to others, they may hear your story, offer support, add helpful suggestions or gain benefits themselves from the experience and wisdom you conveyed.

Part of the aim of meMap is to allow those close to someone with ME or CFS to become part of a supportive, creative and - even - enjoyable ecosystem, where both people share all or part of their own maps as a way of engaging in each other's direction of travel towards the best, easiest, lowest load terrain they can live their life on. No doubt the potential benefits of this still exist when neither person actually has ME.

To communicate via meMap, both users should download either MEMap Lighter Load, MEMap Original or meMap 'Stress Stuff to Best Stuff' from the Google Play store - it is not necessary for users to choose the same version. Both then need to register for online services on the MEMap Original website Register page. meMap 'Stress-Best' and MEMap Lighter Load users should ignore the sidebar on that page: you do not need to register to Configure your App.

Once you have registered and created a username and password, Frames are sent from the App's Reframe Map Outbox, and Bubbles sent from the Best Stuff Map Outbox (accessible from the top right menus in the App).

You can create items to send in both outboxes. Or copy 'Sender' Frames or 'Inbox' Bubbles sent to you by others into the outboxes, where you can react to, edit and reply to them. Or copy 'Your own' Frames or Bubbles to the outboxes. In the outboxes the normal edit options that exist for Bubbles or Frames include an added 'tag' option where you can add or modify a hashtag subject or question to an item (for example, 'Do you feel this?'). You can post all of your outbox or all of 'Your own' items to another App user by inputting your username and password and their username. When you post items a pin will be generated for the username you sent to. You will need to tell, text, email etc this pin to the recipient.

Download items sent to you by ensuring you are in the Best Stuff Map if the items are Bubbles, or the Reframe Map if the items are Frames. Select Download from the top right menu. You can either use a pin to download a specified set of items. Or check the box and use the username of a Sender to generate a list of the most recent items they sent you. Follow the instructions given to get Bubbles tagged and into Inbox, or Frames into a named screen dedicated to your Sender.

If your device has an email App installed, there is an alternative option to email items to anyone you wish (emailing yourself is a useful and recommended way of backing up information you have written in Bubbles or Frames that has become valuable to you). Emailed Bubbles and Frames will be set out in the email as written text. When creating a new Frame it is possible for it to be a 'Thoughts Box'. This is an opportunity to write any thoughts and notes to add context to the Frames you are sending.

Some added context when communicating with someone with ME

When users of the MEMap Apps send you their Frames it will sometimes be possible to view subject area or Buddy example contextual information which will help explain background to the Frame. To view this, the Frame must either be copied to 'Your own' Frames or to the Outbox of your App. Pressing the Frame heading will then reveal this contextual info if it exists.

You may wish to start a dialogue with a user of one of the MEMap Appsabout one of the 30 categories described on the MEMap Original website (eg here). To set up a Frame with the contextual info for the category you've chosen, use NEW FRAME in the Reframe Map to create a new Frame. When prompted to give a 'Heading/label for Frame' simply put the number of the category you wish to use. Your Frame will now have the relevant heading and contextual info. You can then edit and send the Frame as usual.